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Specializing in open source solutions, to everyday computer system problems...
Offering "Hardware as a service"...
No need to purchase expensive hardware, or software, to run your network services. With all our annual contracts we include the hardware required to run your network*, which includes our Gateway/Server.

Our Gateway/Servers do so much it is impossible to cover them all, but here are a few...
  • Redundant network storage - NAS - NFS, Samba/CIFS
  • Multiple sub networks with a single Internet connection - Have a public and private network, with individual configurations, utilising a single Internet connection.
  • Centralised email storage - If you already have email, hosted remotely, like Shaw.
  • Email server - Why pay someone else to host/route your emails, do it yourself.
  • Webmail Server - Access emails from anywhere
  • Domain Hosting - Host your own Domain while your at it.
  • Web hosting - Utilizing the most used, most secure web server available.
  • Internet content restriction - Stop Facebook, twitter, other social networking websites... or simply restrict all sites, and pick and choose the sites you like.
  • Digital Video Recorder - With the addition of one or more hardware accelerated video capture cards, record up to 16 cameras AT ONCE...
All this, and a state of the art firewall...