Why Clean & Dust Your Computer

  • Dust by itself can be conductive, causing "tracking" and even arcing between components on printed circuit cards as well as causing overheating, due to heavy accumulations acting as an insulating "blanket".
  • Dust, when combined with humidity and other vapors in the air, can lead to even worse "tracking" and arcing between components on printed circuit cards. Depending on the voltages involved and the circuitry, this can lead to all manner of intermittent and "unexplained" phenomena.
  • Certain types of dust when combined with humidity can even be slightly corrosive to electrical components.
  • With the proliferation of PCs used as operator interfaces, cleanliness is even more important as it affects drive (hard drive, optical (CD and DVD) drive, floppy drive) life as well as chip life.
  • "Dust Bunnies"
    can form around your cooling fan and power supply restricting overall ventilation resulting in heat failure.

Stop for a minute and think about all the things your computer may be subjected to everyday.

How often should you clean your computer?

How often should a PC be cleaned? It really depends on the environment it is subjected to; However, we recommend cleaning or having your PC cleaned at least every six months.