IT Consultation

Our IT consulting service entails error-free IT management including prior evaluation and selection of projects in view of internal resources and required competencies for the required consultations altogether.

We pursue well-integrated IT consultation by following a truly professional path, which is compliant to both high-tech and thoroughly automated business practices of the modern world. 2S Technology offers dedication to each minute detail of the given consultation area. We are all committed to meeting our clients’ expectations.

2S Technology provides IT consultancy in the following areas:


• Computer Hardware & Software
• Network Hardware
• Printing System
• Video Security Hardware & Software


• Network Topology
• Video Security Topology
• Web & Domain


• Web & Domain
• Ecommerce
• Enterprise data hosting
• Virtual Services

Our consulting services provide comfort, trust, and quality altogether. We care for our customers and provide them world-class services.

The skill set of our technical team and the advanced project management methodology used by our project managers helps 2S Technology keep up its reputation of making customers for life. Our engrained and continuously promoted “culture of service” ensures total ownership and accountability on our projects and service calls. Our services are priced very competitively within the information technology marketplace.

Service Highlights:

• Sharing our vast experience in dealing with complex business situations
• Providing IT consultation services in all main areas of business
• Comfort, trust, and quality at one place