Computer Hardware & Software
  • Consultation - Don't know what computer system is right for you or your business? let us help.
  • Installation - Not sure what goes where? or how? Lets us do it for you.
  • Configuration - We build to meet your needs.
  • Maintenance - It is often less expensive to have hardware and software regularly maintained, than to fix a problem when it occurs.
  • Cleaning - Looks like new... Runs like new...
  • Data Recovery - Whether accidentally deleted or hardware corrupted...
Network Infrastructure
  • Consultation - Not sure where to start with your network? We can show you.
  • Design - Let our network Guru's design an infrastructure for you, or show you how to reconfigure your existing one to meet your growing demands.
  • Installation- We don't just design them... We build them too...
  • Configuration - We live to make your network function the way it should.
  • Diagnosis & Repair - Have a network that doesn't seem to follow orders, we have the tools & talent to fix the most rebellious networks.
Printing Systems
  • Consultation - Again, sometimes the hardest part, is where to start.
  • Design - Need help with the technical details?
  • Installation - No hassle, just get ready to print.
  • Configuration - Ok, you have a printing system... Let us get you printing.
  • Diagnosis & Repair - Printing systems can be some of the most disruptive hardware you can deal with; Again, let us help.
Video Security Systems
  • Consultation - Not all video security system are the same,
    let us show you the difference.
  • Design - What goes where, and why...
  • Installation - Professional & discreet...
  • Configuration - Your system is installed, but everything's distorted. We can fix it.
  • Diagnosis & Repair - Sometimes things break... We'll fix it fast...
Web Domains/Presence
  • Consultation - "" is NOT a good domain name... But, what is???
  • Configuration - Again, let our Guru's do the dirty work...
Website Design
  • Consultation - Just the details... Who, What, Where & How.
  • Design - We'll do all the heavy lifting...
  • Maintenance - So you already have a web site; need some help with it?
  • Diagnose & Repair - We'll make it act the way you intended.
We're glad to help you. Please email or call us +1 250.415.7299
Tools And Resources You Need To Grow Your Business
Specializing in open source solutions, to everyday computer system problems...
Offering "Hardware as a service"...
No need to purchase expensive hardware, or software, to run your network services. With all our annual contracts we include the hardware required to run your network*, which includes our Gateway/Server.

Our Gateway/Servers do so much it is impossible to cover them all, but here are a few...