Join Windows XP Pro to a Samba PDC Domain  

This shows a step by step, of how to join a Windows XP Pro machine to a Samba PDC domain.

This tutorial is in conjunction with the Samba as a Primary Domain Controller tutorial and has the same assumptions.

Linux Diskless Client Server  


The following will describe how to set up a server for diskless clients, or Diskless Booting.  This means storing the kernel and filesystem  remotely, and using it on other systems.  This allows the simple upgrading of multiple systems by changing only one.

Linux Gateway Setup  

This tutorial describes how to create a simple gateway to share a single internet connection with multiple local computers.  It requires a basic computer system with at least two network interfaces.  This tutorial is completed using Ubuntu 9.10, but with the additional notes, should be reasonably portable.  The first thing to do is install gui-less operating system.  Again, Ubuntu 9.10 Server AMD64, will be used for this tutorial.  The hostname field is only important if you plan on having the gateway serve information to the Internet, if it will, please use the appropriate hostname at this time, ei.  Do not include any extra packages, all required packages will be added as needed.


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