DSPAM in Postfix  

The most seamless way to integrate DSPAM into Postfix is as a content filter. This requires very little work, and allows the two to communicate seamlessly. You may want to first read Postfix's FILTER_README from the Postfix source tree to familiarize yourself with what we're doing. In a nutshell, Postfix sends all mail to the content filter instead of delivering it. It's the content filter's job to then pass the [modified] message back into Postfix (called reinjection) or do something else with the message. By default, DSPAM will quarantine what it believes is spam, but it can be configured to tag it instead. We will use DSPAM's LMTP and SMTP functionality to integrate the two seamlessly together like so:

Postfix(LMTP) ⇒ (LMTP)DSPAM{SMTP} ⇒ (SMTP}Postfix ⇒ {Delivery Agent}

Join An Ubuntu Machine To A Windows Domain  

I had been hoping to accomplish this for some time now. At work we work under a Windows domain and I have a Ubuntu test machine that I have been hoping to join to that domain. Finally, thanks to Likewise-Open5, it happened. And, believe it or not, it’s not all that difficult.

Oh sure you can use Samba to take this task on, but you better be prepared for some serious configuration and work. With Likewise-Open5 that job is made significantly easier. Now I understand that with the upcoming major release of Samba, joining a domain should be much simpler. But with the tools we have now, Likewise-Open5 is your best bet. In this article I will show you how to join a Windows domain using a Ubuntu box.

Join Windows 7 Pro to a Samba PDC Domain  

This shows a step by step, of how to join a Windows 7 Pro machine to a Samba PDC domain.

This tutorial is in conjunction with the Samba as a Primary Domain Controller tutorial and has the same assumptions.


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