Disable Local Domain SSH Strict Checking  

Suppose you want to bypass key checking for a particular subnet (

Add the following lines to the beginning of the SSH configuration file.

Host 192.168.0.*
StrictHostKeyChecking no

Note that the configuration file should have a line like Host * followed by one or more parameter-value pairs.

Host *means that it will match any host.

Essentially, the parameters following Host * are the general defaults.

Because the first matched value for each SSH parameter is used, you want to add the host-specific or subnet-specific parameters to the beginning of the file.

Disable System Beep  

Linux insists on beeping at you. this isn't just any beep, however... it is a system beep. Impervious to the mute button on your computer. If the startling, abrupt sound is like nails raking over a chalkboard to you, then this trick will let you kill that little beep forever.


sudo rmmod pcspkr

...and enjoy the silence.

Distibution Information  

To get the distibution information, ie DISTRIB_ID, DISTRIB_RELEASE, DISTRIB_CODENAME, DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION, look in the lsb-release file in the /etc directory:

cat /etc/lsb-release
Download A Website  

You might find a website so good you just have to save it to a hard drive. Other times, you might need to archive a website before it goes under and find it easiest to download the entire site at once. To do this with the Terminal, type:

wget -r

.... to download it all.


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