Mount an ISO  

Using the module loop it is possible to mount a filesystem file. squashfs is a .loop. with (de)compression (Compressed Loopback Device) and it is possible to mount a compressed filesystem like a block device and seamlessly decompress its data while accessing it.

Password-Less Login  

Are you sick of typing in your password every time you have to copy a file to, or log into, your server. Well it's super easy to add your ssh key (which we'll create) to your servers authorized_keys file. Let's start...

Pretty Print A Man Page  

If you would like to print a man page from the command line, you must have your default printer settup beforehand.  Here is the command to print:

man -t <man page> | lp

Simple as that!!!

Remove All Compressed Files From Your Log Dir  

I often find myself looking at a log directory that is just filled with out files. A simple 'rm *.gz' gets all of the files in the current directory, but what about all of the others?

Find and remove, simply:

find . -iname "/var/log/*.gz" -exec rm {} \;



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