PC Means Personal Computer, NOT Windows


It really irritates me that Microsoft has used there considerable marketing clout to make the acronym PC synonymous with a Personal Computer with a Microsoft Windows operating system. Isn't a MAC a Personal Computer? Wikipedia describes a Personal Computer(PC) as "any general-purpose computer whose size, capabilities, and original sales price make it useful for individuals, and which is intended to be operated directly by an end user, with no intervening computer operator." That sounds allot like a MAC to me... Hell it sounds allot like my Blackberry, or my iPod, or my Playstation, or my... you get the point.

So, Why do I care?

This all started with a call to Rogers Wireless (I've nothing bad to say about Rogers, I love my Blackberry and I'm VERY happy with Rogers). MY wife has an HTC, and it "Required" an upgrade, Rogers "Insisted" on this upgrade by shutting of my wife's connection. Now, to be fair, Rogers had been contacting my wife for several weeks/months regarding this upgrade, and had warned her weeks/months in advance that they were going to shut of her service, so... As I'm the technically inclined one in our household, I'm tasked to "fix the phone".

So, I'm on the phone with the Rogers support rep (again, normally, I'm VERY happy with Rogers and there support reps, they are generally VERY helpful.) and the rep asks, "Do you own a MAC or a PC?" I think about it for a minute (a second or two actually) and reply, "Isn't a MAC a Personal Computer?" I know that these reps are likely trained/beaten to follow a script and can not be blamed for the exact phrasing of the questions, but it struck me as kind of a stupid question. Like asking, "Do you own a Personal Computer or a Personal Computer?" Well the rep replied, "So you own a MAC then, ..." and followed with some instructions on how to upgrade the HTC with a MAC. I interrupted with, "No, I don't own a MAC. I was just saying that your question was misleading, as a MAC is a PC." Not that I was misled at all, I knew exactly what was meant by the question. I'm not sure if the rep was confused by my response or not, but continued with, I kid you not, "So you own a PC then?" I would have laughed out loud if it wasn't so sad. I thought to myself, "well all of my computers, except my server, are Personal Computers, so I guess I do own a PC." and I answered, "Yes, I own a PC." This was followed by instructions about installing the software upgrade. A small point of note; I do not have Microsoft Windows installed on any of my many computers. Which is why all of this is so irritating to me. I had to stop the support rep again, and explain that, "yes I do own a Personal Computer, but no, it does not have Microsoft Windows installed." The rep could not fathom that a computer other than a MAC could have an operating system other than Microsoft Windows. There was a pause and the rep asked if I could hold the line for a minute. After a few minutes the rep came back and said that Rogers will send a SIM, with instructions on how to load the update, without a PC, no joke. Now I know that the rep was not at fault, and that the PC comments were not meant with any malice, but the ignorance of the term PC irritated me.

The current commercials for Microsoft Windows state, "Are You A PC?" are you kidding?? I would like to reiterate, PC stands for Personal Computer NOT Windows!

So, Yes I am a PC, but no I Am Not Windows!!!