Another Reason Not To Use Internet Explorer


I personally don't need an excuse to use Mozilla's Firefox but if your looking for one, I found a great one.  You may have guessed that I dabble a little in the arena of web design, and I have always hated that I have to make everything Internet Explorer friendly.  It seems there should be a standard of some kind, that all browsers could follow; you know, to make everyone's life easier...  Oh wait there is.  The issue would be that Microsoft thinks that they are above all of that, and makes their own rules regarding what standards there browser will follow.

I have been looking at the new CSS proposed standard, and I came across this page: CSS Selectors Test.  Which basically tests your browsers CS3 compatibility. 

I ran the test with Firefox, and:

"From the 41 selectors 41 have passed, 0 are buggy and 0 are unsupported (Passed 574 out of 574 tests)"

I thought that was pretty good.

Then I wondered how IE would do, and:

"From the 41 selectors 20 have passed, 1 are buggy and 20 are unsupported (Passed 345 out of 574 tests)"


If I got a 20 out of 41 in school, what do you think the teacher would make me do.  Ok, so it passed 345 out of 574 tests, and technically I guess that's a pass.

Now I know what the IE/Microsoft fan boys are thinking, "IE has ~60% of the market, they should be able to do whatever the hell they like." Which is kinda like saying, "I'm the biggest guy on the playground, I can do whatever the hell I like." Being big doesn't make you right, and if you don't abide by the rules, it makes you a bully. I personally don't like bullies, no matter what size or shape they come in.

So, I suggest taking the test, and maybe passing the results onto Microsoft, see what they say.