Windows 64bit - All 64bit platforms (Version 3.0.8) - ventrilo-3.0.8-Windows-x64.exe

Windows 32bit - XP, Vista, Windows 7 (Version 3.0.8) - ventrilo-3.0.8-Windows-i386.exe

Linux i386 - 32bit (Version 3.0.3) - ventrilo_srv-3.0.3-Linux-i386.tar.gz

Our Specific Client Setup

Select the 'User Name' arrorw '->'.

Select the 'New' user button.

Type in a user 'Name' (any name will work).

Select 'OK'.
Select the 'Server' arrorw '->'.

Select the 'New' server button.

Type in the 'Name' 'OgreBonz'.

Select 'OK'.
Type in '' into the 'Hostname or IP' input.

Select 'OK'.
Select the 'Setup' button.

Uncheck the 'Use Push To Talk Hotkey (PTT Mode)'
Select '2.0 seconds' in the 'Silence time' drop down box.
Change the 'Sensitivity' to 10 (To Start).

Select 'OK'.
Start Chatting...